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Application for Membership on Your Voice Committees
Application for Membership on Your Voice Committees
Do you care about the future of Oro Valley? Consider serving on a Your Voice Committee! Apply today!
Application for Membership on Your Voice Committees

The Town of Oro Valley is accepting applications through Wednesday, April 30, 2014 for positions on three topic-specific Your Voice Committees (YVC) as part of the Your Voice, Our Future project.

The Your Voice, Our Future project is asking the community to identify common values, issues and find solutions. The results will be revealed as a community plan, often referred to as a “General Plan,” that will guide and inform critical decisions about the Town’s future and quality of life. This process was last completed in 2005 with the adoption of a General Plan known as Focus 2020, The Future in Balance. This renewed effort is required by state law and responds to the Town’s changing demographics and needs. For more information about Your Voice, Our Future, view the project website at: www.orovalleyaz.gov/generalplan/yourvoiceov.

Your Voice Committees (YVC)
The Town is forming three committees of approximately 10 members each who represent a variety of community interests. All members will be placed in committees through an application and evaluation process. The committees will include the following topics:
• Development: land use, community design, cost of development, infrastructure, and transportation/circulation
• Environment: open space and natural resources conservation, water resources, archaeological and historic resources, and environmental planning
• Community: economic development, public facilities, services and safety, arts and culture, parks and recreation, and housing

The policy development and review portion of the Your Voice, Our Future project is expected to take approximately 12 months to complete; each of the YVCs will meet approximately 6-10 times during that period. The committees will advise project staff and make recommendations on policy and goal proposals while working within the framework of an adopted vision and guiding principles.

YVC Member Expectations
YVC members will be expected to:
• Respect majority opinions expressed by the community;
• Work collaboratively with Town staff and other YVC members;
• Review background materials to understand issues to be addressed in the project;
• Attend YVC meetings, beginning in the summer of 2014 and staggered over the next year;
• Be able to commit 4-6 hours every month, which includes preparing for and attending meetings (typically held in the afternoon or early evening); and
• Attend other meetings and events as necessary.

YVC Member Qualifications and Skills
Preference will be given to applicants who:
• Have volunteer, community or professional experience relating to one of the committees/ topics;
• Have a commitment to diversity and the ability to work collaboratively with people of diverse perspectives and experience; and
• Be a resident of the Town of Oro Valley. (A separate forum will be held for those representing businesses in Oro Valley.)

Selection Process
Applications will be reviewed by project staff, in consultation with other Town staff. Final appointment to the YVC will be made by May 31, 2014. The project team will work to ensure a diversity of members representing the community.

Application Process
Please note that information provided in this document is public information, with the exception of the Optional Information section. (Information in the optional section will only be disclosed as required by law.) If you have a recently-prepared biography or résumé which you would like to include, please attach it with your completed application. Thank you for your interest.

We strongly encourage completing this application online at YourVoiceOV.com. However, you may also mail, email or fax this application, résumé and any additional information by Wednesday, April 30, 2014 to:
Carol Miller
Your Voice, Our Future Project, DIS Bldg.
Town of Oro Valley
11000 N. La Cañada Drive
Oro Valley, AZ 85737
Email: cmiller@orovalleyaz.gov
fax: (520) 742-1022
phone: (520) 229-4800

To help ensure equal access to Town programs, services and activities, the Town of Oro Valley will reasonably modify policies/procedures and provide auxiliary aids/services to persons with disabilities. Call (520) 229-4800 with such requests.

The Town asks that you voluntarily provide optional information; you are under no obligation. The Town will use this information for statistical purposes. By providing this information, you will help us ensure that appointments represent a broad cross-section of the community.

More Info:
Your Voice Committee Application
THIS SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED If you have any questions, please Email us.

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