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Draft Guiding Principles
Draft Guiding Principles
The GUIDING PRINCIPLES help to further define the vision and shared priorities and values expressed by the community.
Draft Guiding Principles

Over the course of five months and 60 community events, 577 surveys were collected, 2,888 comments were received and 1,964 people visited the project website. The results of this intensive effort have been being formed into a big picture statement or vision about Oro Valley’s future. It answers the question “what should Oro Valley be like in 10 years?”

The vision is further defined through eleven guiding principles created through community comments. They both work together to illustrate the things that matter most to the community. This framework will be used to guide future committee and participant efforts as we add “detail” in the overall community plan. The focus is to honor the trends revealed from the community's work.

The vision and guiding principles will be considered by the Planning & Zoning Commission in April and Town Council in May, so please share your comments now!


This is what collectively matters the most to the Oro Valley community:

Focus on community safety and maintain low crime
• Low crime
• Safe streets, neighborhoods and schools
• Quick emergency response times and one-on-one interactions with residents
• Crime prevention programs
• Disaster planning and homeland security preparedness

Ensure integrity of scenic beauty and environment
• Desert and mountain views
• Desert climate and environment
• Wildlife and vegetation
• Open space

Keep the unique community identity as a special place
• Small town feel
• Nice place to live
• Quiet, delightful, laid back and peaceful
• Friendly and neighborly people
• Clean and well kept
• Forward-thinking
• Built environment sets OV apart

Create a complete community with a broad range of shopping, dining and places to gather
• Increase shopping opportunities, services, and restaurants
• Distance to services is too great
• Good place to open a business
• Downtown or central gathering area

Minimize traffic and increase ways to get around Town
• Traffic flow on Oracle Road and develop alternate routes
• Maintain good roads
• Provide more sidewalks and bike lanes
• Increase public transportation

Manage how we grow and maintain high design standards
• Keep small-town feel
• Concern about rapid growth
• Current rate of growth is “about right”
• Increase commercial services and employment opportunities
• Grow by adding new areas to Town limits
• Quality of built environment sets OV apart

Grow the number of high quality employment opportunities
• Health and medical research industries
• Educational institutions
• Research/technical parks
• Visitor and tourist attractions
• Light industry
• Professional office complexes

Ensure Oro Valley is a family-friendly community
• Low crime and safe
• Parks, hiking, recreation and swimming pool access
• Good schools
• Family entertainment
• Activities for all ages
• Opportunities to interact with all ages
• Attract young professionals

Support and build on high quality of schools
• Quality education and high performing schools
• Family, community and governmental support for education and schools

Provide more parks, recreation and cultural opportunities for all ages
• Opportunities to gather as a community such as festivals and cultural events
• Outdoor recreation such as hiking, walking and biking paths
• The arts
• Amenities including multi-use fields, dog parks, skate park, play equipment, ramadas, bmx track, tennis courts and basketball courts

Promote conservation of natural resources
• Energy-efficient building and construction practices
• Green building
• Renewable energy
• Water conservation

Maintain financial stability
• Manage finances prudently
• Strive for a diversified and stable revenue base
• Minimize the financial burden on taxpayers
• Plan for adequate funding of government services desired by the community

More Info:
Draft Vision and Guiding Principles (updated 3/28/14)
THIS SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED If you have any questions, please Email us.

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