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What's your idea?
What's your idea?
What else? What didn't we ask you?
What's your idea?

What would you like to see discussed here? What question would you like to ask the Town residents to stimulate conversation on a topic you think should be covered? In an unbiased way, write your own question to share with others...

But wait, there's more! After you share an idea, please check out the other topics and complete their surveys.

More Info:
Town of Oro Valley Website
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Welcome to YourVoiceOV.com! There are just a couple of guidelines we'd like you to follow:

Please Do:
* Share your opinions and generate ideas regarding the future of Oro Valley.
* Maintain respectful conversation with your fellow participants.

Please Don’t:
* Post comments, responses or ideas referencing a specific person, even if it is positive. They’ll be removed.

Remember, this site is about ideas, not individuals! Now join the conversation and thank you for your participation.

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